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rule they live in villages or cities. It is remarkable that as time goes on, cities grow larger. In fact, the greatest cities of Antiquity: Babyion, Rome, Byzantium, were small as compared to London, Paris and New York.

Men always like to teil each other things, or to take each other's advice. At first they could only do so as far as their voice carried. Then they invented writing. This must have been a tremendous thing to them. When the art of writing was shown to an African negro-kring, he was absoluty frightened. But letters could only be carried, first by a man, then by a horse, a pigeon, a carriage, a railway train, at last by an electric wire, along which tidings go like flashes of lightning. But the wire had to be made and put in position over mountains and through oceans. It was troublesome. Therefore it was abolished. So was distance.

Slavery made many people feel uncomfortable. They did not like the idea of buying and selling other people, as if they were horses or pigs or bags of coffee. So they went and abolished slavery.

It is absurd that some people have to be taken to wateringplaces from overfeeding, and others to cemeteries from underfeeding.

In our time poverty and starvation are absurd and