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obsolete. As soon as proper system for the distribution of food has been thought out, poverty and starvation will be abolished.

When Man found the climate of a country too cold, he made a climate that suited him: he built houses, and heated them.

When Man found the night too dark, he made light, as the days were too short for his work. When the air was too cold, he made extra-skins for himself from cotton and wool and silk. When the ground was marshy, he made roads, when the mountains were in the way, he bored holes through them.

For many ages the Plague made frightful ravages in Europe. All of a sudden people would be bereft of their wives, children, parents, whose terrible sufferings they had to witness first. So they went and abolished the Plague, for it troubled them.

It will be exactly the same with War.

At present, Germans and French detest each other. But both of them love to hear the song of a nightingale. That is because it means joy. Joy is a bond between men.

There is something remarkable about laughter.