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When a person laughs heartily, all the others, whether they heard the joke or not, smile or laugh also. They cannot help it, they must. Because laughter, like weeping, is a language understood by all. You cannot laugh in Chinese and be misunderstood by an Arab. Joy and Grief are honds bet ween men.

Joy and Grief are given to Man whether he asks for them or no. They are like the winds that blow the trees to and fro. They are from God, to God. That is why the language of Joy and Grief is understood by all men.

When men cannot any longer understand each other's laughter or tears, they are insane. This is the case when there is war. Then they laugh at each other's tears, they weep at each other's joy.

The joy of Hope binds all creeds together. When the Christians say: in my Father's House there are many mansions, and when the Mohamedans say: From Him we come, and to Him we return, they mean the same thing.

Some people call ideas regarding the Brotherhood of Men „flabby affability", worthy of fools and weaklings only. And yet they curse the Potsdam philosophers, who represent the exact opposite of those ideas, and who denounce them as absurd.