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If you have money, it is of no use to you unless you give it to somebody else; either to buy something, to lend it out, or to give it away. Thus even money, that much-abused commodity, is a bond between men.

Nothing is feit with more intensity than that the Great War of our time is a frightful crime. That is why the Statesmen of Germany do their utmost to deny their responsibility. This is a hopeful sign. It shows that they know that murder, even for "patriotic" purposes, is a sin.

If the Prime Minister of Great Britain had told the people that they were going to fight in order to sell more Shirtings or Whiskey or Coal, they would have revolted. But when they were convinced that their aim was noble, they gave their lives for it.

The White Man will return to his own creed which is: faith in himself.

Why do you prefer a portrait painted by hand, to a photograph ? Because in the portrait you feel the hand and the soul of your fellow-man.

Michel Angelo declared that the human body should be the real aim and object of art. He, as well as Leo-