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nardo da Vinei, were fond of the anatomyof thehuman body.

It is noteworthy, in this connection, that all the most famous pictures in the world represent human beings. Rembrandt, whom many call the greatest painter of all times, is famous by his portraits.

The Greeks had a passionate admiration for the beauty of the human body. They detested ugliness as much as sin.

In all ages Mankind has always admired itself in its best individuals. The Greek ideal of human beauty is, in reality, a reflection of the human mind. Art, like wisdom, is the beauty of the soul.

The ideal of all Christian Churches is a man: Christ. It is the same in Buddhism. Nature always tries to do things beautifully. But Nature, come to consciousness in Man, exceeds herself.

The Sacred Books of all creeds, such as the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the Zend Avesta, the Sacred Books of the Buddhists and the Chinese are like flawless mirrors. Man is never tired of looking into them, for there he beholds the splendour of his own mind, God's Mind, reflected.

If this were not so, how is it that countless millions