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have not ceased to read those books for thousands of years ? Is it not because they are indeed inexhaustible mines of spiritual wealth ?

Bad books are like ill-made mirrors. Man sees his own features in them, but distorted, unrecognisble. He hates to look, and the books are forgotten.

It is absurd to say that Science and Religion are in contradiction. They are the fruit of one tree: the human mind, which is part of the Mind of God.

The more we study nature, the more we admire the grandeur of the Eternal Truths revealed in the Holy Books. That is why no church need be afraid of increased knowledge. On the contrary.

I can imagine an extremely powerful telescope placed on a fixed star, at a distance of a thousand lightyears away. If they looked through it, they would see the things which happened on our planet a thousand years ago. I can imagine telescopes placed on stars at all distances. They would see what has happened in the immeasurable past. That is what the psalmist means: To Him a thousand years are but like yesterday.

Man does not think. His brain thinks for him and he listens to what his brain whispers to him. His brain is not his own. He received it from his ancestors, and all their thoughts are stored away in it.