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We do most of our thinking whilst we are asleep. That is because our brain does the thinking and tells us next day. Sleep opens the gates of the soul.

Modern inventions are the cause of large modern businesses. They multiply a personality. The Manager of a big factory is omnipresent if he has good telephones about. Even if he travels on the Ocean, he is at his works, as he can send and receive wireless messages. They never get rid of him. His mind is at them all the time. When he falls asleep, his brain goes on thinking for him and for them.

All things wish to exist. Their very first impulse is; self-preservation.

That is why fear is the first and most intense emotion of Man.

If the Kaiser had not told the Germans that they were attacked, they would not have fought. The military caste would, but not the people at large.

The chief cause of the "Terreur" during the French Revolution was fear. Fear of Austria invading France to help Louis XVI. Fear drives whole nations mad.

It is each man's duty to do what he may, to abolish the fear of one nation from another.

At the time of the "Titanic" tragedy the whole