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world sang the hymn: "Nearer, my God, toThee." Many Christians believe, that in order to be nearer to God, a person must die first. But since God is omnipresent, He is always near to Man. The fact is, that many Christians consider life so extremely miserable, that they think only the anti-thesis of life: death.can be any good. It is, however, Man's duty to make life, individual life, in its totality embracing all Mankind, worth living.

To shirk that duty, to declare that it is hopeless to try, to say that frightful evils, like War, are unavoidable, is either cowardice, or ignorance.

The Idea that War bet ween civilised nations is unavoidable is a superstition which must be abolished.

It is disgraceful to acquiesce in the theory that an agglomerate of individuals should adhere to a Code of Morals which each sane individual separately is thoroughly ashamed of.

The world will have to get rid of the idea that a statesman may do things as statesman, which he would be ashamed of as a man.

The fact that such theories and ideas have prevailed in the past, has contributed largely to bring the Great War about.