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and the British Empire in the first place, will have to enable them to carry out their noble intentions. The Anglo-Saxon world will have to convince itself that to conclude an old-fashioned peace will defeat it. A peace, concluded on the lines which have been foliowed hitherto would make War quite as unavoidable as it has been in the past.

To make our meaning clear, we are, reluctantly, obliged to give a concrete example, and to review the situation at the time of writing: March 1916,

There can be no doubt that although the German fleet is still in being, and may yet do a great deal of harm to England and the Allies, the position of the two Germanic States is precarious and is gradually becoming more so. It is therefore quite likely that they will try to bring about a settlement before the armies of the Allies have been able to penetrate into Germany. The resources of Germany in men and material are so great, that taking the gigantic fortress called Germany by storm is a task which even the united and continued efforts of the Allies may not be able to carry out without tremendous sacrifice, and after many months or even years of war.

But let us for a moment assume that they succeed and that they reach Berlin after having destroyed the German armies and the fortifications barring their way. They would doubtless force Germany to pay a stupendous sum to indemnify Belgium, France and Russia for the havoc brought about in those