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village and factory and farm and villa will become a fortress which has to be ruined and reduced in order to be taken. So it will have to be all the way from the Rhine to Berlin and from East Prussia and Silesia to Berlin. The Allies will have to cover their flanVg North and South, and it is hardly too much to say that the whole of Germany will have to become one vast battlefield, one frightful wilderness of ruined houses and factories. This is the terrible prospect, as long as Germany remains in her present frame of mind. Judging from the course of the war so far, there have been no great victories or defeats which have completely changed the possibilities of the situation. There is no reason for assuming that the rest of the war will be quite different. Progress which has been slow, will tend to become slower still. And even the first invasion of German soil across the Rhine is not likely to make more impression upon Germany's martial spirit than the invasion of Alsace-Lorraine or of Eastern Prussia has done hitherto. It is, therefore, not too boldto assume.thatGermany will,even in the most favorable case, only show a dejected spirit, or the first symptoms of it, in a very gradual way. And judging from the incredibly haughty spirit of her military caste, and from ihe boundless fanaticism of her mob, it appears quite likely that nothing but a march upon Berlin, with all its terrors, devastation and unspeakable horror will bring the German nation to its senses. This is one possibility. It must be