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to Germany and Austria combined, mean such an immense sa ving, that it would almost pay for the annual interest on a loan of between two and three milliards sterling at 3%.

But let us assume, that the financial super-operation is carried out by the financial genius which these terrible times will engender as the French revolution brought forth Napoleon. Let us assume — albeit a bold assumption — that money or credit can be found to rebuild Germany'» ruined factories, capital to run her trade, to finance her transatlantic commerce; that the Allied Powers will be found ready again to open their markets for goods made in Germany, being reluctantly convinced that if they closed them against German goods ,they would ruin their debtor, and never get their coupons paid, and moreover ruin their best cliënt over again, and so do themselves as much harm as they would do to the vanquished nations. The result would be that after some time, say a generation, or a little longer, the Germanic nations would recover. The birth-rate, after a war, invariably goes up. Andeven if itdidnot.theterritories of Germania are peopled by a thrifty, hard-working, intelligent race. Again they would prosper. Again they would become wealthy. And the old desire for Power would return. The Germans of a good hundred years ago had hardly recovered from the thirtyyears'war and the seven years'war when the armies of Napoleon brought Prussia to her knees in 1807.