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It is not as if Prussian militarism sat lightly on all Germany outside of Prussia. It was forced upon the unlucky race, willy-nilly. But gradually a virtue was made of necessity. Germany made bonne mine a mauvais jeu, and in the long run she became more Prussian than Frederick the Great himself. There is hardly a race in Europe, so much given to "Schwarmerei" (poetical fanaticism) as the Teutonic race of the German-speaking world. We must look a little more closely at the psychology of that race, in order to obtain a clear view of the situation. This necessitates the analysis of a few striking facts and symptoms. In this connection it appears noteworthy that Germany has for a very long time supplied the world with two categories of persons who represent her psyche in its inward conflict in a very striking manner. I mean those individuals, who represent the extremes of command and of obedience: princes and waiters. It is not too much to say, that wherever a new kingdom is founded, or a new restaurant is opened, Germany supplies the personnel. I do not quote