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those examples in a spirit of mockery, but to illustrate a serious endeavour to analyse the spirit of the belligerent who is generally admitted to be the aggressor, who has directly caused the present awful conflict. — The fact, as such, is so striking and stands out in such bold relief, that it cannot be otherwise than highly significant. — It means, for one thing, a conflict within the soul of the race itself. One of those conflicts, which, within the soul of the individual, and, mutatis mutandis, within the soul of the race itself, upsets its balance, and leads to extremes which in their turn may cause insanity. Nor is this conflict unheeded by the Germans themselves. Many people who know the faults in their own characters, which they are powerless to remedy, revert to bitter irony about themselves. In nations this often assumes the aspect of common proverbs. Now it is a striking fact, again, that in no language there are so many proverbs which deride modesty as in the language of Germany. The Hollanders, who live next door to Germany, and who are familair with its language in the same way as they are with those of France and England, seldom deride modesty, but if they wish to do so, they quote one of the German proverbs: Bescheidenheit ist eine Zier, doch kommt man weiter ohne ihr. (Modesty is a virtue but you get on better without it); Bescheidenheit, Bescheidenheit, verlass mich nicht bei Tische, und mach' dass ich zu jeder Zeit das grösste Stück erwische (Modesty, Modesty,