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forsake me not at table, and make me always take the biggest piece); Nur Lumpen sind bescheiden (Knaves only are modest). Here we have the national trait, the inclination towards obedience recognised by the patiƫnt himself and derided as in reality absurd, unworthy of a man. It is as if the soul in doing so, tried to recover its lost balance. We recognise the same trait in German comic papers, of which Simplicissimus is the most typical one. For years and years this paper, which has a tremendous circulation in Germany and Austria, has never ceased sneering at and holding up to ridicule and derision the very princes and their class who are so much adored in the Teutonic countries, and often in a way which shows extreme bitterness and often vulgarity. Even the great Kaiser himself has often been its victim, as much as the "Liebe Herrgott" ,his trusted Ally. (The latter is often pictured as a mild old man, in a smoking cap, with a long pipe).

The chief trait of the Teutonic character, which nobody who knows the Germans has failed to notice, is admitted to be that the average German is given to bow very low to his superiors as long as he is at the bottom of the social scale, but that he becomes proud and overbearing as soon as he has ascended the ladder, and positively insupportable as soon as he occupies a commanding position.

It is this trait, coupled with the native love of poetry and inclination to extravagant enthusiasm