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may find far better opportunities in quite different surroundings, and should indeed be turned into channels which lead to a higher purpose than that which is naturally confined within the aspirations of a princely house.

And when those aspirations, like those of the Hohenzollerns, appear to embrace those of immense masses of individuals; when they are, by dint of clever catch-phrases, made to represent a dynasty as the very incarnation of national greatness; when the dynasty secures the devoted services of a man like Bismarck, who whatever his failings may have been ,was a political genius of the first rank; of Bismarck, who said to the Crownprince in 1848 that he would not mind being hanged, as long as the rope served to tie his father's throne faster tothe soil of the fatherland; we clearly see to what extremes Byzantinism may lead.

We have, then, in the German race those extremes of haughtiness and pride, of meekness and self-sacrifice, which must, in the long run, lead to mental confusion.

What has been the position of Germany in the past, and is it different from what it used to be ?

The Germanic empires occupy a very unfavorable geographical position for war in the first place as their access to the world-seas is not free. On the North West and West England and Holland and Belgium bar the way. Austria's outlet on the Adriatic does not