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We have endeavoured to analyse the psychology of the German people. We have found what their outstanding characteristics are. And, judging from its terrific result, we find Byzantinism one of those with which we shall have now to deal.

The best way for a dynasty to keep its hold on the admiring mob is a display of power and brilliancy. To the good-natured mob it is enough to know that their King or their Emperor sometimes condescends to say some kind word to some ordinary mortal, by way of a mistake, more or less, to believe that he is the best and the most tender-hearted of men. They do not grudge him a life of ease and luxury at their expense, as long as they are allowed to see him drive, or ride out at the head of his well-dressed troops, with plenty of colour, plenty of drums and music. When he thus passes them in the street or on the square, or through a fine gate adorned with statues of other Kings and Emperors, the sight makes their dear hearts beat quicker, and tears of patriotism and love for their monarch come to their eyes. When they are home, they