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If we wish to enquire into possible future developments, we are justified in considering that the war has shown us the true spirit of Germany clearer, better and more completely than anything else could have done. We knew of German Byzantinism, we knew of Ultra-Militarism, we may even have suspected megalomania and a lurking desire of conquest at the expense of the countries surrounding Germania. But we did not know, we could not know, of the extent to which Ultra-Militarism has smothered all sense of moral responsibility in the councils of Germany. In justifying her disgraceful action against Belgium, post fado, by charging the innocent Belgian Government with conspiring against Germany, this country shows a remarkable lack of reasoning, and indeed signs of moral insanity. Previous to the great flight of Belgians across the Dutch frontier Holland, which of all neutrals was best informed, knew a great deal more about German misbehaviour in Belgium than Potsdam could have wished. But when a million Belgians fled to Holland where the people