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purpose would be served by silence, and therefore I declare the following; This enterprise means the narrative of the most frightful calamity and of the greatest misfortune, the like of which neither days nor nights have brought forth, and which has burst over all nations together, but over Moslems before the others; and when any body would hold that Mankind, from the moment that Adam was created by God — praised and exalted be his hallowed Name above all — to this day had not been visited by any like trial, he would but speak the truth. For the books of History contain nothing which could approach it. Amongst the most frightful catastrophes which they describe, is that which Nebukadnezar did unto the children of Israël, when he killed them, and destroyed the Holy City of J eruzalem. But what is J erusalem as compared to the entire provinces devastated by these accursed ones, of which every capital was a doublé, a treble Jerusalem; and what were the Children of Israël as compared to the number they have killed, when the inhabitants of one single city, whom they have massacred, exceeded the Children of Israël ? I believe that the nations of the world will not witness an other similar disaster, until Mankind appears before God's Holy Throne, and until this world passes away into nothingness.... Indeed, we are from God, and to Him we must return; there is no might nor power except from God, the most High." In this way the pious historian of the East described the days of Jenghiz