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many herself, are appalled by the German atrocities. We may, or we may not be quite certain of the sincerity of Germany's indignant denials; we may or we may not believe that German atrocities are part and parcel of a well thought-out system of "frightfulness". We have to admit, in any case, that hypocrisy is a tribute to virtue, which at all events points the way to it.

For all that, the concensus of the neutral opinion of the world points only one way, and it is this: UltraMilitarism, as adopted by Germany, has lowered the general moral Standard of the country and of its policy. Nor is this to be wondered at. You cannot, with impunity, make war, which is organised murder, the chief pre-occupation of the State, without horribly perverting even the noblest instincts of the human factor of which armies consist. You cannot, in adopting Ultra-Militarism as a creed, avoid carrying the contempt for the rights of others, the contempt for all moral laws which Mankind, from time immemorial, has known to be the priceless treasures which live in the depth of its very soul, and which all founders of world- religions have brought to the light, to unprecedented lengths.

And yet, we have seen that Germany, owing to various circumstances which we have tried to explain, looks upon her army, and has looked upon it for generations, as the finest, the noblest, the most brilliant of all national achievements, which more than counterbalances any national asset which Germany lacks in