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comparison to other nations. Germany looks upon her Army as a thing of moral and intellectual beauty, as an unsurpassed, and unsurpassible instrument of moral, physical, and intellectual education. We have countless assertions to prove this from her best authors and statesmen; her citizens and newspapers are never tiredof repeating them. And more than all this: the German nation is so much struck with the extraordinary merit of this creation of its national genius, that it feels nothing but contempt and pity for those who do not possess it, and it often professes that German civilisation (the famous "Kultur") whichhas become flesh and blood in the Army, ought to be the leading influence in the world. There is quite an incredible amount of self-adoration and of pedantic selfassertion in all this. And but for these insane notions we may well doubt, whether the present war could have broken out, or, if nothing could have prevented it, whether Germany could have carried it on with unabated enthusiasm these last 18 months.

The extent to which ultra-militarism has debauched and corrupted Germany's morals, her political morals in the first place, is further proved by her outspoken desire to stir op Mohamedan religious fanaticism throughout the world in urging upon the Sultan of Turkey who, ruled by muddle-headed "Young Turks", has become Germany's helpless instrument, to proclaim "Holy War", a war which Professor Snouck Hurgronje, of Leyden, one of the greatest, if