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not the greatest of living authorities on Islam, has recently called "Holy War made in Germany". This authority has proved the innate absurdity of this "Holy War" and he calls it surprising that Germany which has produced so many clever orientalists, should not have known better. But apart from this, supposing for a moment that Turkey had possessed sufficiƫnt moral influence to provoke world-wide fanaticism, even in a hopelessly divided world as the unorganised Islamic world undoubtedly happens to be, the result would have been a calamity of appalling magnitude in all those countries in the East where the White Man's civilising influence has succeeded in creating order out of chaos, and where populations running into hundreds of millions might have been stirred up to the most awful excesses. I need only refer to Britain's xoo.ooo.ooo Mohamedan subjects in India, to the 20.000.000 followers of the Prophet in Central Asia, to the 35,000,000 Mohamedans in the Indian archipelago ruled by Holland. The latter Power, by this extraordinary piece of German diplomacy, which proclaims, at the same time, a very particular preoccupation in favour of seeing Holland preserve her neutrality, could not do otherwise than consider this attempt to stir up strife throughout the Mohamedan world with the utmost anxiety and suspicion. Fortunately, the European powers who hold most of the Islamic world under their sway, have ever shown the most sincere regard for the sublime faith of the