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Prophet. Moreover, their enlightened rule has proved to Mohamed's followers that only Western civilisation, quite apart from any religious convictions, has been able to bring them a material prosperity which their own Governments or princes could not restore to them after the Turks had destroyed it. For wherever the Turks have, by the inscrutable ordainments of Providence, been poured out upon the unfortunate populations of ancient Persia, of Asia Minor, of Egypt, of India, they have destroyed prosperity and driven entire nations to desperation until the day when Western influence gained the upper hand. These are historie facts which itishopelessto attempt refuting. But what do the Germans, themselves, think of the Turks? We need only insert the following quotations from one of the best German authorities on the History of the Islamic countries, Prof. Dr. A. Müller, in his famous work "Der Islam int Morgen- uncL Abendlande" (Islam in the East and in the West). Speaking of the Turks (Vol. 2 page 192 et seq.) he says: "The Arabs did not behave like angels when they sallied forth from their peninsula, on the contrary, as to the majority they consisted of scarcely anything but nomadic hordes, whose chief occupation was looting; but they have known how to create a great State, to evolve political and religious ideas, or to make them their own, for the sake of which it was worth troubling or even fighting. With the Turks we find nothing of all this. The martial instincts of this