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who declare that the life of a single German soldier is worth more than a beautiful ancient city and all its works of art; all these symptoms show us an entire nation of 65 millions of souls suffering from an acute attack of megalomania, accompanied by the unmistakable symptoms of dementia: destructiveness; inaccessibility to reason; temporary loss of natural affections ; lack of moral sensibility. No permissible measure of passionate indignation at the enormities committed should allow us to lose sight of the fact, that we are witnessing the most stupendous calamity of all times, and that of all belligerents Germany in her self-deception and half-conscious despair is the most tragic figure. She has made her last and greatest bid for worldpower, and she has failed. Those, who claim the honour of being civilised, and of being civilised Christians will perhaps do more justice to their own country and to themselves, when they do not allow "pity to drive out pity". When the police has arrested a madman who has murdered his neighbours, the angry mob would tear him to pieces, but the wise men of the jury defer judgment until they have examined the case in all its aspects. — That, I believe, is a worthy attitude for serious men and women, one that will never blur the clearness of their vision, so that, when the time comes, they will protect those who are innocent of crime, remembering that no man may be blamed for doing what he honestly considers his duty to his native land, which after all not he, but fate has chosen for him.