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They will also recollect that in Germany too the minds of large sections of the population are enlightened and progressive, but that their voice, when becoming articulate in Liebknecht's and Ledebour's courageous indictment of Ultra-Militarism in the Reichstag was smothered by the ruling caste, which sacrifices everything to their fear of granting to the people any control of the machine of Government; and that the sane and sober Germany of the future may well come as a surprise to those who abhor her today.

Again, in denouncing Ultra-Militarism, it is far from us, to belittle the valient men who submit to military discipline and who risk their lives in fighting Germany and Austria together with the allied troops. They are sacrificing themselves in a supreme attempt to arrest the insane giant who is devastating Europe's fairest lands. They are policing Europe and this is impossible without militarism, the only antidote which civilised society can provide against the barbarous poison of Ultra-Militarism.