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strongly feit, that in all civilised countries there is a tendency to attribute offences against human life, especially, of course wilful murder, to insanity. To take the life of one's fellow-man, it is thought, a person must be insane. And it has indeed been scientifically proved that murderers and dangerous criminals generally are mentally inferior. Their sculls and brains show a tendency to atavism. Morally speaking, they are fossils. They represent a stage in human development to which the majority of individuals never returns.

When a nation substitutes murder and robbery, in the shape of War, for morality, when it ascribes to War all possible virtues, it is bound to go under in the struggle for existence. Already now in Germany children show an alarming deterioration of morals. They play at murder and rapine, and many little boys actually have become scoundrels. The whole nation suffers by this deterioration. As it has been in the past, so it will be now: He who uses the sword, will perish by the sword.

We must now return to our original inquiry regarding the results of an old-fashioned peace, the probable terms of which we have given in broad outline.

They would include the abolishing of the German Army and the closing the factories of War-material.

After what has been said of the spirit in which Germany regards her Army, it will be evident enough that there is no calamity that could exasperate Germania