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to a more desperate extent than this. Not only would every defeat, and the final disaster be solely ascribed to the overwhelming multitude of foes, but the fallen "heroes" would be more fervently worshipped than Saints in Churches. Is it possible to expect that the ideal of generations can be hauled down from its pedestal by the action of foreign invaders? It is more likely that the re verse will happen.

We have seen that in the past Germany, after a succession of the direst disasters, after devastations and massacres without number, has shown a most remarkable recuperative power. There is no reason whatever to believe that this power should have diminished. On the contrary, the colossal increase of scientific knowledge since the time of Napoleon, the unlimited resources of modern technical ways and means would tend to heal economie wounds much quicker than even our grandfathers could have conceived. After a generation when fresh millions of recruits will have reached the required age, the fatherland will rise again. We have shown that in the interests of the Allies themselves, Germany cannot be allowed to perish economically. The fallacy that the poverty of one nation can or will be of advantage to another, has, moreover, been exploded long ago. Just as a rich man can only enjoy his money from the moment he parts with it, so a wealthy nation is obliged to give of its wealth to other nations. Germany would prosper once more, and necessarily, her old longing for power would revive.