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vent patriotic phrases such as "Revenge or death", "Our future is on the battlefield", "A nation which does not pay off old debts, is unworthy of life" and so forth. And patriotic hymns will be sung by throats, constantly refreshed by copious draughts of beer, speeches will be held by well-meaning patriots to enthusiastic crowds. And the mob, as of yore, will forget the blood and the mire and the beastliness of war, the mob will only see the plumes and the feathers and the prancing horses; and, may be, the tens of thousands of aeroplanes, brought op to a perfection which we in our days can but conjecture. And science, having devised weapons, a hundred times deadlier than those of today, will make war a hundred times more destructive. The war-fury will break loose again. The other nations, who will have watched Germany with growing anxiety, will have kept pace with her armaments. England, which will have become Germany's latest acquisition in "hereditary" foes, England and her sister-States beyond the Seas, will be armed to the teeth. Massacre, destruction and devastation will again plunge Europe in oceans of blood and tears, and the White Man may well tremble for the fate of his civilisation, not in Europe alone, but in the entire world. For the war of 1964 will be a hundred times more terrible than that of 1914. Not only small countries like Belgium will be devastated, but large ones, like England, Canada, Australia, the United States of North America.