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When comparing Germany to the other civilised nations during the last century or so we find that hardly one of the great inventions of modern times originated from Germany. We beg the reader to understand, that we are referring exclusively to those inventions which have completely changed our mode of living, inventions which have caused such stupendous achievements as the annihilation of distance, and the like. We need but refer tothesteamengine,tosteamers, railways, and tramways, to gas for lighting, to the telegraph and the telephone, to the bicycle, the motorcar, the typewriter, the bioscope, to wireless telegraphy, to the flying machine. In view of this formidable list we can hardly avoid arriving at certain conclusions. We can hardly avoid looking for a connection betweed two salient facts which force themselves simultaneously on our attention. The lack of inventive genius in Germany coincides with the time covered by ultra- militarism. It would appear from this that apart from its extremely demoralising effects, Ultra-Militarism absorbs too much intellectual effort