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reuth, the Mecca of Wagnerites, because it looks rather genteel to have enough time and money for that pilgrimage. Some critics declare, however, that Wagner's art is not free from coarseness and bombastic adornment, whilst the text and the intrigue of his dramas lack clearness and high inspiration. We can recommend, regarding Wagner and his works, Max Nordau's critical essays "Entartung".

We think enough has been shown to expose UltraMilitarism as immoral, reactionary and in direct opposition to the interests of society. It is a highly significant fact that Pacifism is chiefly opposed by the Conservatives in all countries; and especially by so-called „ Chris tians." As if it were not bad enough that the Teutonic peoples of Germany and Austria have been debauched by Ultra-Militarism. This is no exaggeration. On the 6th February 1916 a meeting was held in Berlin by the German Society for the care of children, to discuss the terrible increase of crime amongst children. The Berlin Court of Justice, in 1915, dealt with 2900 juvenile criminals, against 1902 cases in 1914. — Already before the war German criminality was greater than that of any other European country. But let this war bring us the one supreme consolation which it is capable of giving us: the conviction that it has meant a timely warning to the rest of the world, and to the Anglo-Saxon world in particular.

A regenerated Germany, then, will not only revert