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Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that Germania, after having been thoroughly beaten, repents of the error of her ways, abolishes her autocratie form of Government and sets up a Republic, in which her socialists play the leading role. Let us assume, that a tremendous reaction sets in, and that all Germania's dynastie fanaticism is consigned to oblivion; that Habsburgers and Hohenzollerns alike become exiles and that all titled persons will be afraid of calling themselves anything else but plain Herr so-and-so. Let us assume, in fact, that Germania is thoroughly democratised. Let us assume, further, that the Germanic democracy will not be a democracy according to Talleyrand who called democratie Government an Aristocracy of scoundrels; and that, so far from being bellicose, as Lord Salisbury thought democracies naturally were, the Germanic King Demos will be meekness and mildness personified. Let us go a step farther, and let us imagine that Germany would be divided into several small republics and that each would have the misfortune of having its neutrality guaranteed.