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Let us picture to our minds her Feldwebels and her soldiers intent upon all the arts of peace, her generals preaching in churches, or turning out piece-goods in factories by the million yards a day, or making hundreds of thousands of those artistic clocks and flowerpots and knicknacks per week, which will delight, as of yore, as many good-natured folks devoid of any taste (and ready to have any rudiments of artistic feeling that may lurk in their souls destroyed by merely looking at them) as ever. Let us take it forgranted, that Herr Krupp will be horrified at the mere suggestion of an indent on guns, that to behold a uniform, one is politely conducted to a Museum; let us, in short, try to imagine that things which appear perfectly ridiculous to us now, will come about and that the German tiger will have becomealamb. It would be almost too good to be true. But if it were true, it would only be good if not Germany alone assumed all the characteristics of a lamb.

Is this to be expected ? Can we allow ourselves to believe that Germany of all nations alone, is capable of Byzantinism, Militarism, lust of conquest or megalomania? And that Russia, Italy, France, Belgium and England or some other nation will not be accessible to at least one of those evils, which must necessarily bring one or more of the others in it's train?

Let us examine these questions somewhat exhaustively; but let us first assurethe reader that we are, in the present war, neutral, and that our country