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has made up its mind to be left severely alone, without any presumption to any political influence beyond its colonial possessions. At the same time it is very strongly feit in our country, which gave birth to Grotius, the founder of International Law, that Holland, having been chosen as the seat of the International Court of Arbitration, has a moral duty to perform, namely the promotion of the development of International Law; the more so as, having been spared from the terrors of this war, she cannot be accused of being in any way biassed, except in so far that Pacifism has a greater hold on Public Opinion in Holland than in any other country,

We have to consider, first, the present belligerents: Russia, Servia, France, Belgium and England.

It is more than doubtful, whether either of these five nations will consider Germany's defeat as a sufficiƫnt expiation for the wrongs they have suffered at her relentless hands. On the contrary, nothing would appear more certain than that the mere recollection of their sufferings will be enough to stir up lingering rancours, which comparatively trifling events may easily turn into so many dangerous passions. We may, without going further into facts which have been and are being made widely known, by the press of every land, take it for granted that this consideration will apply to them all. But there are other, similar aspects of the question. It is to be expected that Germany, once being rid of militarism, will devote herself to the