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homely people, abounds in diminutives, so the Germans show their character in the words they use most: colossal, grossartig (grand), ueberhaupt (generally), riesig (gigantic), wunderbar (wonderful). They make use of these words on all occasions and continually, even to indicate the most puerile notions. Yet they reveal a tendency to bigness, to greatness if you will, and in them Germania shows her unconscious self.

Now imagine what such a race, once rid of UltraMilitarism, may be able to achieve. We know by irrefutable historie fact, that Germany has always been admirable in adversity. There is no reason to assume that in our time she will be different. Her industries, strengthened by the intellect set free by the abolition of the Army, will astound the world. There will positively be no end to new discoveries and inventions. She will be able to produce a multitude of things cheaper and better than others. Imagine the gigantic amount of energy and intellect, hitherto wasted on organised murder, let loose upon laboratories and factories! The set purpose, the subjection to discipline, the methodical way of doing things, all taken off the army and suddenly transferred to science and industry! There will be all the elements of unexampled prosperity and wealth. Would it be surprising if such a Germany, defenceless and rich, excited the cupidity of some other race, less gifted, but more numerous, hardier though less civilised?