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Would it be surprising if the Bulgarians, in their inhospitable land, with their peasants always several generations behind the rest of Europe, would like some grapes from their neighbour's garden ? And that if they did not get them, they would simply take them ? I do not for a moment mean to imply that I consider the Bulgarians moreim moral than other nations. But as long as statesmen as such are ruled by another Moral Code than individuals, the interests of the State will take no heed of any moral whatever. Let us take yet another case. Supposing that Russia another f iftyor another hundred years hence,holding then about thrice the population of Germania, cannot find an outlet for her increasing multitudes except in a westerly direction ? She finds every square mile in Germany occupied, only Canada and Australia would afford enough room; but those lands refuse admittance. That might mean war with England. Russia would walk across Germany as Germany now walks across Belgium. France, now her ally, might then be her enemy. Russia, now England's Ally, was England'sbitterest opponent up to the arrangement of 1907. Up to that time Englands greatest statesmen had never left off warning their country against India's danger from the side of Russia. It is perfectly true that the situation has changed. The mere fact that India is more loyal to England than any conquered land has ever been to its master, the likelihood that India will gradually become a sister-state within the family of States