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england's security a thing of the past.

the old diplomacy.

These are a few political and economie aspects. But there are others.

As science advances, explosives will certainly be invented, whose power will exceed that of dynamite in the same, or in a far greater degree than dynamite exceeds gunpowder in destructive effect.

We have to bear in mind that England's naval supremacy, what with the perfection of aircraft and of submarines, will fairly soon be another romantic recollection of a bygone age. After all, England is a small country, and in a few more generations she will be outnumbered by many a land. Her fleet will be quite unable to do for her what it did in the heroic past, because aicraft and submarine will be infinitely more formidable than they are now. There may be any European coalition against England; and far from being invulnerable on her islands, the sea will enable her enemies to attack her from all sides, unseen, and relentlessly. Nothing can prevent Germany from building thousands of Super-Zeppelins and any number of amphibious aircraft.