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carefully shielded from destruction and the populace treated in a manner approaching decency, the violation of Belgium's neutrality by itself would have roused the world's virtuous indignation and no more.

The statesmen of all countries, as we have just remarked, have all contributed at least something towards bringing the present calamity about. And yet, when it came at last, they have all, indignantly, repudiated all responsibility for it. This shows, for one thing, that they are ashamed as men, of their actions as statesmen, and that statesmen, from the very nature of international relations, are unable to avert disasters like the European war.

Those relations, of course, are based upon an assumption which is fundamentally wrong, and which holds, that the interests of the various nations and states are conflicting.

We are of opinion that this superstitious idea should be got rid of as soon as possible and we hold, on the contrary, that so far from having conflicting interests, the nations of the world have One Great Common Interest, which is: the conquest of Nature by the knowledge of its Eternal Laws. This Great Truth must be adopted as a lofty political creed; a practical religion, which descends to the worldly needs of the commonwealth of States; a faith which even statesmen may honestly believe in and act upon, without either being hypocrites or perverting their conscience; a religion which choosesInternationalParliamentasits