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Jami, the greatest of all Sufi poets of Persia, that ancient land, where men have thought deep thoughts almost since the dawn of civilisation, in this wonderful poem gives us his confession of Faith, of his simple, deep and noble religion which the East has never forgotten, the East, that Treasure-House of Human Thought!

The Germans complain that the Asiatic troops are "dusky savages" let loose upon them by the Allies. Could any taunt be more monstrous and grotesque than this, coming from the people whose soldiers ravaged Belgium like a pack of wolves ? Here we have the mental attitude of Europe at her worst in all its imbecile arrogance !

Wrestling with reluctant nature to conquer her, forgetting all the rest, forgetting even her noble self in

the fray, the West lost her soul for a time.

She will find it back as soon as she returns to the Holy Books that the East alone could give her. She has been away from home, on a journey of discovery.

The Ancients looked upon dreams as manifestations of divine thought. The interpretation of dreams was entrusted to men of the highest character. The Ancients knew that sleep opens the gates of the soul, a truth which only modern science of our day has revealed once more. And so they lent a ready ear to all those who uttered deep thoughts which came to them in a dreamy state of extasy. We know now that they were right in declaring that the words of the Prophets were