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the words of God. The Greeks knew this so well that they erected a separate Altar to the "unknown God". They knew that all religions were manifestations of the Universal Mind, of God.

Modern science has revealed another truth, well known in Antiquity. Dreams, those strange emanations of unconscious thought, often present themselves in symbolic forms. And only those who possess sufficiƫnt penetration, can decipher their meaning. Most poets and seers have expressed their thoughts in a symbolic manner. Perhaps this proves the fact that we can only understand things by their relation to other things, because they are all One. And it has truly been said, that we should look upon the world and upon life as upon one immense concert, of which we, small particles of the Universe, can only hear the few notes in our vicinity, but we fail to hear the Harmony of the whole. But unconscious thought knows neither time nor space, being universal and divine, and for it all things are One.