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marvelled greatly. The Church for them was the world, a great, roomy, strong house, in which they were safe in life and after death for evermore. Even Emperors whose material wealth and power knew no limit, were her servants. Those were the days of Canossa. Bismarck once declared they would never return. Matter would not be ruled by Mind, a new era had come, he and his country thought, in which the flesh would rule the spirit.

In the Middle Ages the History of Europe, the History of civilisation itself was the History of the Church, She represented all that was pure and noble in Europe. When the Portuguese and the Spaniards carried the White Man's civilisation over the oceans, the Church went with them and gave sanction to their work. The Church started the exploration of America and of Africa and Asia. When an Emperor or a King annexed a hitherto unknown land, he did so for the Church, for the Christian faith. And so the Church wove her golden thread through the fabric of civilisation and of society in the wonderful days of the Middle Ages. She had guided the steps of Europe, her child, her son. But he had eaten of the Tree of knowledge, which she, herself, had nurtured in her House. He had become acquainted with worlds beyond Europe, which she had bade him conquer for the Faith. And as he discovered the world beyond Europe and the lands unknown even to the Ancients, the world became less of a mystery to him. His mind had broadened, and as