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of being "attacked"; the State which has an evil conscience; the insouciant State, which arms at the last moment, and appears an easy prey; the openhearted State, which bluntly declaresthat it is there to fight and to destroy and to conquer; and so on, in an endless list of varieties, or of all or some combined. The State which has a "religious mission" is a more or less amiable recollection of the past.

If, therefore, the Entente Powers are perfectly honest in their assertions, that they desire to protect nationalities; that they wish to place the position of small states upon an unassailable foundation; that they wish to destroy the military power of Prussia, because that power is a constant threat to the peace of the civilised world; they cannot wish for a better moment for showing the honesty of their purpose than this. They can call a Congress together, with the avowed purpose of forming the Union of Europe and of creating the conditions under which International Law will reign supreme over all political ambitions, on the lines to be presently set forth. And in so doing, they will secure the co-operation of all neutral States. These wouldthenhave to throw their combined weight into the scale where the Union of Europe had been placed. And the further the attrition of Germania had gone, the greater the neutral influence for good would become.