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From the foregoing we may now draw our conclusions.

Whatever may be the terms of an old-fashioned peace, it will with absolute certainty contain the germs of further strife and of other wars, which will cause a great deal more devastation than the present one; the devastating and demoralising effect of these wars will grow in intensity with the growth of knowledge. And in the end the nations which together form Western Civilisation, will share the fate of all other nations or agglomerates of nations, which, in the past, were bellicose and aggressive: they will lose their wealth and their power, as they will destroy each other; and with them, Western Civilisation will disappear. The store of knowledge of this civilisation will pass on to other races, most probably to the Asiatics, who will make a better and more humane use of it. The White Man will have played his role as the discoverer of the world and of the foundations of human knowledge, and he will have perished in the attempt.

As to Great Britain, it may safely be predicted,