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at the right moment, the others would steal a march upon them and destroy them.

There is no doubt that all leading statesmen know that this is the real situation. But it would be absurd to say that they, all of them, like it to continue.

It is, however, very likely that the Emperors of Germany and Austria, and their advisers, who have made militarism their chief occupation in life, look upon war as a sport. The Monarchs themselves certainly never risk their own lives in battle. To them war is a very interesting scientific sport, in which they risk even less than if they played at football.Tothem, also, war is the study of a life-time, which takes up all their mental capacity. They have libraries full of books all about organised murder. They do not think in individuals, but in Army corps, and if they go rather much into detail, they think in batallions only. But in their science the individual is rto more than a cog on a wheel. It follows hat their mental attitude is perverted, that their mind becomes warped. We may take it for granted that the Emperors of Germany and Austria, the Kings of Baden, Bavaria etc. will consider life hardly worth living without the sinister organisations of which they are the proud leaders. As long as separate Statesexist, whose "interests" are conflicting, they will have the strongest possible argument for the maintenance of arrangements for organised murder. They will continue to call military courage the only courage worth mentioning. They will say it,