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and have it said and printed so often, that their foolish subjects will believe them and continue to black their boots for them and think it an honour. Nobody will have the courage to teil them that military courage, as shown by troops in action, has no moral value whatever, save in exceptional cases, because this courage is generally engendered by blind excitement, fanaticism, rage, fear of officers or fear of being despised; and that this kind of courage cannot bear comparison with the quiet courage of peaceful men who bear undeserved blame without a murmur, who risk their lives in laboratories and hospitals or voyages of discovery, and often without the faintest hope of reward except in their own hearts. Nobody will dare to teil the monarchs that they ought to look for better occupation than organising murder, and that they had better lead Mankind towards peace than towards strife. They and their advisers and all their caste are incurable. They are steeped in egotism, vanity and in contempt of their subjects and of those who do not belong to their damnable faith and caste. They will go on hoodwinking their subjects with hollow phrases. Their subjects, poor fools, will lick the boots that kick them, and if they had tails, they would wag them.

Enough, dear reader, let us draw the curtain over this sorry piece of human perversity, vanity and stupidity. One day, it will belong to the past and it will sleep for ever in the limbo of vanished follies and crimes, together with cannibalism, torture and superstition.