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It cannot be too often repeated, that Germany's attitude, with regard to Ultra-Militarism, so far, is incorrigible. The neutral press is constantly being flooded with demonstrations in favour of it. The Germans are now endeavouring to hide their abortive attempt to obtain the paramountcy in Europe, for which, indeed, Ultra-Militarism is a sine qua non, behind the argument, that a disarmed Europe would soon become a prey to conquerors from outside. They point to J apan, to the United States and to Russia, as representing the future dangers to European civilisation.

Whilst being fully convinced, that those dangers, if they exist at all, even in a latent state, are shrouded in the mysteries of the future, we would yet never represent a disarmed Europe as a ā€˛consummation devoutly to be wished".Thismuch,however, is quite certain, that Europe will decline to accept Germany as her leader in defending her. For Germany, in precipitating this war and in carrying it on without regard to International agreements and the dictates of Moral Law, has for ever forfeited her right to leadership. That honour can never be conferred on the Power which has tried to dominate Europe by devastating Europe. The sooner the Germans recognize this, the better. For not until they do, will it be possible for Europe to recognize Germania once more as her partner or as her daughter in the great work of Civilisation. At present the Germans are still