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entangled in the strange delusions which theyintheir madness conceive as realities. They cannot conceive a courage which isnotmilitary courage; they cannot conceive a State which is not based on Ultra-Militarism ; they cannot conceive Mankind working its way towards betterment and salvation in any other way than that of mutual slaughter, as the only means to secure the survival of the fittest; they cannot conceive that Mankind, being God or Nature come to consciousness, has the Power to alter its methods, and to replace them by others. They are incapable of looking upon Man otherwize than as a beast, with all its blind instincts, ruled by some outside power. They decline to recognise the fact, that all the world's work, these last fifty thousand years or more, centres in Man's great Endeavour to lift himself up to a higher level; to substitute his own methods for the cruel, blood-stained ways of blind Nature, and that the present resistance of Europe is but a link in the long chain of those attempts.

It would certainly be foolish to claim for the Entente Powers the monopoly of righteousness. Europe has not forgotten French domination in the time of Louis XIV Eind of Napoleon, and the devastations wrought upon her in their days. South Africa has perhaps forgiven, but not forgotten the Great Boer War. Persia knows something about Russia at her worst, perhaps more than is convenient at present.