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too. We believe, however, that the overwhelming majority of wars have been caused by dynasties and their interests. As in most wordly affairs, "le genre humain n'est pas placé entre le bien et le mal, mais entre le mal et le pire" and society will have to choose the lesser of two evils, if such they might be called.

Enough has been said, we believe, to show that out of a great many millions of individuals only a very few are favoured by the development of large states; that the great majority of men are happy or unhappy, absolutely irrespective of whether they belong to one large Empire or to another, and that their chance of contentment is even greater in a small state than in a large one; that whereas war will bring power and wealth to a very few only (to Emperors and Kings and a few high military and other officials in States like Germany and Austria; to the Kings of industry in democratie States) it means torture, death, misery and ruin to countless multitudes.

If it is not patent to the majority of thinking men from what we have seen in the present war, that this state of affairs is a disgrace to humanity, that it is pitifully ridiculous and absolutely intolerable, we may as well fold our hands and bide the doom of Western civilisation.

But there is no lack of strong sentiment on the subject, uttered in numerous books, pamphlets, and in the daily press of the entire world. Man is positively