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clearly defined, or well understood, small or large States, as soon as a certain necessary combination of circumstances was created, have behaved like natural phenomena, with an equally profound contempt for Moral Law, with an equally complete ignorance of Good and Bad.

Clearly, we cannot tolerate a state of affairs which allows large agglomerates of individuals to behave in this brutal and headlong fashion. We do not, from their earliest childhood, instil into the minds of our children principles of morals, of self-restraint, of altruism, of Christian virtue in short, that they may throw them to the winds and laugh them to scorn as soon as they know themselves supported by the majority of their countrymen. We cannot tolerate a state of affairs which makes each large State a potential enemy of the others and which engenders a constant feeling of mistrust and fear.

We shall have to convince nations and States that they can obtain the power they are yearning to possess, by peaceful means, in a perfectly honest way, at an infinite sa ving of treasure, misery and hatred.

After all, they are yearning for power in order to obtain more wealth and comfort, in order to extend the use of their particular language, the influence of their artistic and scientific schools, the sale of their wine, their shirtings, their toys, their electric plant, their autocars, in order to extend the scope for the