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famous principle which a Russian Statesman, in the bitterness of his heart, put into these words: "Nous ne mangerons pas, mais nous exporterons!" (We shall not eat, but we shall export).

Here then, we have the best type of an immense State, a State after the heart of the most passionate imperialist, covering a greater area than any other, having a larger budget than any other, more soldiers, more guns, more horses, more labourers, a bigger population, than any other.

But when we ask: what is the result, what is there to show for all these large-sized propositions, we cannot help arriving at the conclusion that in so far as the happiness, the contentment, of the overwhelming majority of the population are concerned, (and, ajter all is said and done, these are the only things that recdly matter !), Russia, the largest State in Europe, is one where more poverty, misery and desperation are found than in many others. The entire literature of modern Russia is there to prove it; there is scarcely a popular author in Russia today, whose novels do not show us types taken from the mob, heroes or heroines literally steeped in material and moral misery, who know not why they live, or what they want to do, or not to do, men and women without a wish or a will. The strikes, the increasing numbers of Nihilists, Anarchists and other malcontents prove it.

In this immense country we find, at every step