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5°. The protection of small nations will be a phrase

without the remotest value.

6°. International crimes will be committed and no independent State will be obliged to interfere as long as its position allows it to shirk its moral responsibilities.

7°. International agreements concerning War, are useless because they would regulate actions which occur during a time of lawlessness and repudiation of all agreements.

There is a very great danger that an old-fashioned peace will be concluded. Foreign policy, even at this moment, is still carried on by each separate State, under the absolute control of "secret societies of diplomats." Many men of consequence have strongly object ed to the abolition of secret diplomacy. Lord Cromer, in The Times of the I9th April 1915, declares — "In the great majority of cases the conduct of the "individual diplomatist merely reflects as a mirror "the public opinion and Standard of national morality "of the people whom he represents, and there cannot "be any greater mistake than to confound Continen"tal, especially German, and British diplomacy in one "general anathema."

We cannot help thinking, that for a diplomatist who represents a parliamentary State, it must be a matter of great difficulty to know public opinion in his country. In States like Great Britain, France, the United States, and in other countries governed by a