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which we propose to deal in the following chapter.

The mob does not care, as long as it has bread, clothing and a roof, and as long as it will be appeased by all sorts of phrases.

Large States will only protect small ones when it suits their interests.

When Philip of Spain tried to crush Holland, it suited England to crush Spain, by destroying the Armada in 1588. But Holland became a mighty State; and England, in the i7th century, fought her former protégé, who, in the i8th century, perished, an easy victim of French megalomania. I do not say that England is not now fighting for Belgium, and that, in England, there is not a very strong feeling of indignation; there can, indeed, be no doubt that but for this deep and fervent feeling of pity and anger, the British Government would find it ten times more difficult to carry on the war than they do now. For all that, England's honour, in this war, runs parallel with her interests, which forbid the establishment of a great Power in the Netherlands. As in the past, large States will protect small ones when they can do so without jeopardising their own interests; and when their interests are furthered by it, they are bound to do so. Beyond that, the small State will have to look out for itself and rèmain armed to the teeth, or be victimised.